I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences over the weekend at SCNM. I came into the weekend not really knowing about meditation, mindfulness, and just being present. At the beginning you mentioned to choose one of the 7 Intentions to work on, mine was being present and not let my mind wander off with all the things that I needed to do. I was able to enjoy and learn from this weekend because of that. I liked that the weekend was more of an experiential teaching, not lecture. Although some of the other students were asking about protocols and how-to's, my intention was to learn what meditation and mindfulness were. I agree with you that you just can't give us all the answers. Each patient is different, and each practitioner is different so we will all have different approaches to how we practice. The one thing I would have liked to learn a little more on is the research on the effects of meditation and mindfulness in conjunction with the experiential part. Thank you for your time and the bits of wisdom you have imparted. Hope to see you when you come down next time. 

Mindful Healing: Connecting the Cell and the Self Weekend Workshop
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM)
April 2015