The 3 Living Questions

My decades of personal and professional seeking to understand the mystery of healing, has led me to a simple, yet profound truth.

The key to authentic healing of any condition lies not in the struggle to find the one perfect cure, but instead lies in ones willingness to explore some deep, essential questions.

These questions are the cornerstone of the work that I do with my patients. As I carefully address the physical reality of the condition(s) they are facing with all the healing modalities and tools available to me, we also address together, the deeper levels of causation that are creating pain and difficulty in their lives.

What I call the 3 Living Questions are a distillation of the inner exploration process that leads to liberation and authentic healing. In an article I wrote for the Naturopathic Doctors News and Review (NDNR), entitled, “Where’s the Healing” I give a more detailed description of the 3 Living Questions and how I developed them as a therapeutic tool.

The 3 Living Questions

1.       How did I come to be this way?

2.       Am I willing to listen with the ears of my heart to the other voices of myself speaking?

3.       How can I be with my pain of mind, body and spirit in a way that is wise,
            compassionate and healing?