I really found this course to be incredibly valuable. I was skeptical at first. I tried a  MBSR course but was not really inspired to continue with practice. The way this course pulled things together from Writing our Biography, to learning about and exploring our history without blame, to the features of the alcoholic home. I feel I have gained insight into why I am the way I am sometimes. I really appreciated the internal family systems as I explore the self, its protectors and firefighters. 

I frame this with in beginners mind because I am truly so new to this. I have been unhappy with my current practice of medicine for a long time but the reality is I will need to continue doing what I do for now while gathering the resources and the courage to make a change. I hope a meditative practice will allow me to be less negative towards my current situation. I hope it will give me the energy to make small changes as I transition into a new way of living being healing and hopefully practicing. Thank you so much for this course.

2017 AIHM Interprofessional Fellowship