I cannot begin to articulate clearly enough what I have been experiencing through these modules.  I am taking it slow, listening repeatedly, taking notes, journaling, reflecting, praying, meditating, so that I can bathe in,  breathe in, these incredible teachings, take them in, examine them in myself and bear the fruit of exploration.  I hope that Dr. Epstein can feel the gratitude and appreciation that I am sending him daily for his words and gentle teachings.  That soft, caring, non-judging voice has touched my heart, and I am so grateful.  I look forward to waking up before the rest of my household wakes-up to have this time for myself, a time of stillness for my inner dialogue to come forth.  I’m unable to contain how thankful I am for all of you amazing people.  A collective shift is happening, and it’s incredible.

2017 AIHM Interprofessional Fellowship