I just finished listening to your webinar in California tonight and was very moved by your presentation.  I work in a holistic intensive outpatient treatment center for mental health in Sacramento.  I'm the only ND on staff and I have come to very similar conclusion about real healing coming from a place of awareness and self-compassion.  Many times I struggle with working within the standard medical model and the demand to medicate/find the right supplement for the patients as "solution" to their illness.   I've cut back on supplement recommendations and sparingly use homeopathy as only as a means of "easing the burden". I focus on self care and re-education about pain/suffering. 

Thank you confirming the work that I've been doing.  Thank you for the beautiful work that YOU are doing! It hasn't been easy doing this kind of healing work but I'm proud to be a Naturopathic Doctor!

CNDA Webinar Participant
Childhood Trauma and Adult Disease