Adaptable presenter

Dr. Epstein is an inspiring and engaging teacher and speaker who is able to adapt, adjust and accommodate to a particular audience to convey his message clearly and simply. As a teacher, speaker and workshop leader for New York Insight Meditation Center, he has always received excellent comments and reviews...and mostly from a layman's audience, often made up of beginners. As a holistic physician specializing in mind-body medicine for the past 20 years he no doubt has treated many patients who came from a "business or layman perspective." He is able to relate to his audience and they find his topics and presentations interesting and informative and spoken to their level of interest and understanding. Most importantly this information is personally important and relevant to the listeners’ lives and health. . His topics of integrative medicine, treating the whole person, stress and the mind-body connection, stress related illness, healing and natural health care have already entered the 'mainstream' and are being expressed by prominent MDs and others who have become popular names as is attested to by their successful best-selling books and their many appearances on TV shows such as Oprah and Larry King, and on magazine covers such as Newsweek and Time. Physicians such as Dr. Bernie Siegel, Love Medicine and Miracles; Dr. Dean Ornish, Reversing Heart Disease; Dr. Andrew Weil, 8 weeks to Optimum Health; Dr. Deepak Chopra, Spiritual Laws of Success - to name just a few of the more popular and well known figures. Jon Kabat-Zinn wrote the best-selling book, Full Catastrophe Living and his mindfulness based stress reduction program is now offered at hospitals and medical schools. Dr. Epstein's message conveys many of the same themes contained in these now mainstream best-selling books. I highly recommend him as a speaker and teacher.

Sandra Weinberg
Psychotherapist & Co-founder
New York Insight Meditation Center