All medical practitioners should learn from Paul

I first met Dr. Epstein in 1980 when he came to NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine). He already understood the importance of practices like yoga and meditation before he got there. All these years later he is still the most holistic physician I know.

This is because he knows how to help people heal their lives, which consequently helps their bodies and minds heal. This is still radical in our profession - but easy and practical with Dr. Epstein's approach.

My wish is that every medical practice would learn what he has known for decades - to tap into the wisdom of the body-mind as the most potent diagnostic and healing tool we have available via guided imagery. I have utilized his expertise personally with profound effects, and medical practice would become true healing journeys if this knowledge was taken seriously. I invite all medical practitioners to learn from Paul.

Lisa Carberry, ND, CADC