Being with my pain

Working with Dr Epstein has helped me learn to be with my pain and look at healing in a new way. Before I met him, I hadn't thought of the concept of "being with" my pain but only wanted it to go away and was preoccupied with adopting behaviors and relationships that enabled me to avoid it. However, having worked with Dr. Epstein, I have learned to be with the most painful parts of myself - holding them with love and compassion. I have learned that the path towards true healing is not about taking shortcuts around my suffering, but about journeying inwards with the courage and compassion needed to hold, with love, the most vulnerable parts of self. Not only has this helped me personally, but helps me to be a better doctor to my patients as I walk with them along their own healing journey. I recognize that my job is not to take away anyone's pain, but create a space where they feel safe to journey into it.

4th year Naturopathic Student