Book - Excellent

The book: Happiness Though Meditation by Dr. Paul Epstein is an excellent work on bringing us to a mindful and peaceful state present within each of us. I have read many books on meditation. This one brings me into a meditative mindful awareness and a deep sense of inner peace and happiness. As I read, Paul seems to be quietly whispering his loving instructions for us to become aware and to live and come alive in the now. He provides the beautiful wisdom to carry us forward, beyond ourselves to a feeling of being connected to others. I love the book, the quotes are incredible and this book is a gift for each of us to open to and experience fully the present moment and "happiness through meditation". This book makes an excellent gift because giving it shows people you love and care for them. The one thing that I find unbelievable is that the price is so inexpensive. How much is your happiness worth to you? If you are like me happiness is priceless, so is this book. May you read it, use it, live it, share it and choose to be happy.

Lionel R. Ketchian
Founder of Happiness Club - Fairfield, CT