Can't believe how well I'm doing

I attended your recent lesson on meditation, last week at Incite Wellness Center. I've been practicing daily, and can't believe how well I am doing! First of all, I never thought I could sit still that long, and find I am no longer "fidgeting" like I used to. I practically stopped biting my fingers- a long time habit when I get nervous, and am definately able to fall asleep easier and am sleeping better. Wow! All that in 1 week of sitting still. You said to practice, and I find the 15 minutes go by quickly and easily. I am enjoying it, and seeing results so quickly - I had to share them with you. I think it's because you stressed, "no expectations" and said to just go and breathe. I'm not trying to force anything, and just pulling my mind back when it wanders. Thank you.