Clinical Applications of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Clinical Applications of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity to Pain, Trauma and other Mind-Body Syndromes

As NDs treating the whole person and underlying causes, it is important to recognize and address aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder that may be present in patients presenting with pain and chronic disease. While we are not experts in treating post-traumatic stress, we need to recognize that symptoms of trauma may not resemble PTSD in its classic presentation but contribute causally to many chronic disease conditions. The lessons learned from mind-body medicine and psychoneuroimmunology indicate that biography can become biology.

Research in neuroplasticity indicates that just as pathways in the brain can result in chronic pain, these pathways can be re-configured to create healing. This seminar presents current research that reveals that many disparate disease states share the same neurophysiological determinants of what is called Mind-Body Syndrome (MBS) or Psychophysiological Disorder.  MBS is caused by a complex set of neurological connections between the brain and the body, rather than a disease localized in one area of the body.

Treatments options include techniques that are compatible with naturopathic philosophy such as physician as healer, mindfulness, compassion, intentional healing and healing from within. 

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