Enthusiastic and Creative presenter

I have known Dr. Epstein for over 30 years as a mind-body expert, teacher and speaker. I have also known him as a therapist, mentor and professional colleague. I can say without doubt that Dr. Epstein is one of THE key thinkers and experts in the area of Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

I am the founder and director of The Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine, which was Co-Founded by Dr. Epstein and myself in 2000. Paul took a three year sabbatical in Israel in order to devote himself to creating the Center with me.

I know him as one of the most enthusiastic and creative presenters in the area of "Healing from Within". His clinical experience, training and teaching enable him to contribute a most fresh, unusual and unique viewpoint on the role of emotions, thoughts and beliefs in one’s health, life and healing.

He is honest, sincere and empathic, and really knows what he is talking about. He speaks from the heart, and frequently into the hearts and souls of all who are there to listen.

From the lectures I give in Israel and around the world, I know that topics relating to mind-body and holistic & integrative medicine, are of the utmost importance in today's world, with its trauma, fear, dis-ease, abuse and suffering.

I highly recommend Dr. Epstein as a speaker and a teacher. I am confident that his contribution will be useful and inspiring to any audience.

Dr. Nimrod Sheinman,
Co-Founder and former Director
Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine