Extraordinary teacher

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 30 years. For the past decade, I have been associated with Dr. Epstein. He has consulted with me on the counseling aspects of his practice: he has been my mentor in relation to the mind-body connection and the true nature of healing.

He is an extraordinary teacher.

His particular gifts are his practical understanding of the interdependence of mind and body, and his ability to help the individual patient find his or her personal key to integrate the various modalities and aspects of the healing journey.

I am an expert in my field of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is the paradigm through which I perceive and work with my patients. The role of the body in emotional issues was never part of my training. In spite of what Dr. Epstein has helped me to understand, a patient's physical condition remains at best a subordinate concern, something beyond my range of competence.

Like most people in our culture, particularly those with scientific training, my thinking is caught in the Cartesian dichotomy between mind and body. Even those colleagues who are expert on both sides of that dichotomy are frequently unable to integrate the two. Without that integration, mind-body medicine is not being practiced.

Integrating mind and body in the healing process is Dr. Epstein's special skill, and it is one that he is uniquely qualified to teach. I recommend him highly.

David A. Norris, PhD
Clinical Director