FF - Love Myself

I was unable to make last night's functional forum in person however I was able to view the webcast. I am so thrilled I did. When I saw your name on the bill, I knew I must listen. I enjoyed your talk on Mind-Body medicine, as well as, our last conversation at the 2013 NYANP conference. What I most wanted to share is this...you talked about working with overweight patients and what stuck out for me most is ... "I want to lose weight because I love myself!" That was so, so, SO poignant and significant to me. It truly was a light bulb going off in my head. Since we last saw one another I have been going to the gym 2x/week (aqua aerobics and aqua zumba). Today, I had a thought of getting a bean burrito (comfort food) from Taco Bell ... knowing full well how that makes me feel afterwards...not good at all. It then struck me...I don't need that food ... eating that Taco Bell burrito that's not loving me. That's not loving me at all...that was the shift ... the breakthrough - instead I came home and made cod and sauteed broccoli...so much more nutritious and fulfilling. So the take away ... THANK YOU for you message ... I got it!!! I'm on the road to peeling the layers away that I've protected myself with over the years and I embrace who I am now.

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