Grateful to have found you

Once again I want to Thank You for helping me to understand myself better. One of the most important things you do for me, is to let me feel like there is no big mystery to unfold about myself. It's all right there under my very nose and you helped me see it. I feel unburdened and more peaceful knowing that I have the power and the ability to make this happen for myself. I am amazed to say that I do feel you've given me confidence in myself that I didn't know I had. I feel like I can do the work I need to do to help myself ,and that is THANKS to the wisdom and kindness you offered. I have so many new words for my mental and verbal vocabulary like, self-love, compassion and forgiveness and trust me when I say I am going to make great use of them! So again thank you. I feel so grateful for having found you.

Patty, Patient