Letter of Recommendation

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Paul Epstein. We initially invited Dr. Epstein to be a keynote speaker at our OAND Convention in Niagara. Falls, Ontario in October 2008. His presentation, Mind-Body Integrative Medicine – Seeing with New Eyes: The Self-Healing Journey, was extremely well received. Dr. Epstein’s engaging and passionate speaking style captured the attention and minds of the audience and helped to remind Ontario NDs of the important connection between the mind and body and that our intentions to “do” may not be what patients need. 

As Dr. Epstein’s survey results were outstanding, we invited him to come back to Toronto to lead a 3-part professional training course on Mindfulness & Mind-Body Therapy in February, April and June 2009. This course involved two three-day weekends and a 90-minute webinar. To quote one of our participants: “Your pearls of wisdom and guidance were tremendously helpful and I am certain this series has made a large impact in helping Ontario NDs in their practices. I look forward to other sessions in the upcoming years. Thank you.”

We are currently planning our 2010 training course with Dr. Epstein and I can confidently recommend him to any naturopathic teaching facility. He is very well prepared for his sessions, presents passionately and knowledgeably and provides participants with practical skills they can use with patients. The combination of his theoretical and practical teaching style is outstanding.

Alison Dantas
CEO - Ontario Association of Naturopathic Physicians