Medicine as a Healing Art

There is an art to being a caring and compassionate healing presence. This art can be developed, embodied and practiced.

We will discuss cultivating intentions and qualities of being that enhance the capacity to create a healing space for your clients through the uncondionial presence and mindful awareness you bring to the therapeutic relationship. The most challenging part of our work may not be diagnosis and treatment alone, it is learning to be fully in the present moment with another human being who is experiencing pain and distress. How can we balance our knowing and doing and efforts to cure, with our presence and being and supporting the healing process.

We'll explore the difference between healing and curing, The challenge in medicine is not the choice between one or the other, we need to integrate both.

Who we are is as important as what we know, and How be is as important as what we do.

To appreciate that how we are with our patients may be as important as what we do, and who we are may be as important as what we know. To honor the power of the healing relationship.

"The Way to do, is to be." Lao Tsu

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