Mind-Body Medicine in Clinical Practice

This course will enable you to:

    • Deepen the understanding of the clinical significance of the mind-body connection and mind-body medicine perspectives and therapies.
    • Experience and appreciate the healing power and therapeutic potential of mindfulness meditation, guided imagery and unconditional presence.
    • Explore and discuss how to integrate mind-body perspectives and therapeutics into the practice of naturopathic medicine and naturopathic modalities.
    • Appreciate that how we are with our patients may be as important as what we do, and who we are may be as important as what we know.
    • Honor the power of the healing relationship. 

Dr. Epstein will explore the basic assumption that illness and symptoms may have a message and that understanding and discovering their meaning can be the “key” that opens the door to healing and recovery. The essence of mind-body medicine is to stop, look inside, and listen to the healing from within. In a discussion of the mind/body connection and the role of attitude, beliefs, stresses and emotions and through the therapeutic use of guided imagery and mindfulness meditation participants will explore the question “Where’s the Healing?” Dr. Epstein will illustrate how to integrate this approach with other therapeutic modalities as supports on the healing journey. Practical guidance will be provided to answer the question, “How can we guide our patients to be more fully involved and to participate and engage more consciously in their getting well?”

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