Mindful Healing Retreat - Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm


Mindful Healing: Curing the Body-Mind by Listening to the Self
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm, Grass Valley, CA
October 29 - November 3, 2017


Mindful Healing:  Curing the Body-Mind by Listening to the Self

Over the course of our lives, we inevitably develop aliments and illnesses that manifest in our bodies, minds, and hearts. It is a natural part of the human condition; every life contains pain, stress, illness and, at times, suffering. And each disease tells a story, not just of cell activity and a diagnosis, but also of healing and wisdom, of the self and our lives — if we learn to listen in. As Norman Vincent Peals wrote, “Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution.”

Join naturopathic physician Paul Epstein and experience a toolkit of powerful therapies and techniques to help you optimize your health while you engage with illness from a new perspective. Through yoga, meditation, guided imagery, mind-body and contemplative medicine, internal family systems therapy, lecture, and group support, you will learn how to improve your health while bringing wisdom and compassion to the challenges of aging and illness. Ultimately, you will discover how to listen to and honor the messages and the meaning behind pain and sickness to arrive at full unconditional acceptance and love of yourself, exactly as you are. This is where true healing and transformation happens.

Please note For a complete personal health retreat, Dr. Epstein will also be offering one-on-one consultations, not included in the tuition. To schedule a session and receive individualized support, please sign up upon your arrival at the ashram.

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Oct 29 - Nov 3, 2017

14651 Ballantree Lane
Grass Valley, CA 95949