Self Acceptance

I wanted to send a follow up note after our last meeting. Your insights were right on the mark.  Most of my life actions have been with the goal of whipping myself into shape, losing weight and/or making myself acceptable. These last few days I have been sitting with the ideas of self-acceptance as I am and that I'm a square peg and that is okay.

At least I now have had a glimpse of what self-acceptance can bring to me. I am going to just continue sitting and observing where I'm at and accepting that being a square peg or who and however I am is a good thing.

I'm slowly untangling my thoughts of me and who I am. In order to do this I have to be present in the moment.

I've been watching the magazines and tabloids at the checkout at the local grocery store. What really hit me over the weekend wasn't the positive ones promising me I can lose a dress size by July 4th, but the tabloid that had pictures of stars in their bikinis, and then an arrow pointing to the really overweight person in the suit saying "Guess Who?"  Those are the ones that hit me hardest, reinforcing the negative, that I'm unacceptable.

I'm starting to make my own decisions about what is acceptable and who I want to be, not based on society’s or anyone else's idea of what is acceptable and unacceptable. I'm starting to love the person that I am and what I have to offer.