The Power of Mind-Body-Spirit Healing and the Alchemy of Curing


Dr. Epstein returns to the Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine that he co-founded, to share the wisdom he has gained through his 35+ years as an expert in Mind-Body Medicine. 

From the Israel Center:

We're glad to host Dr Paul Epstein (USA), co-founder (with Nimrod Sheinman) of the Mindbody Medicine Center. We will focus on main mindbody insight, as demonstrated by research and therapy during the last 35 years. We will talk about the core principles, combinations, paradoxes and challenges in looking at a person as a resource. We'll get to know the importance of mindbody processes in personal and professional development, and their transformative power in therapy.

Dr Paul Epstein (USA) is amongst the mindbody medicine pioneers worldwide, and the one of the most proliferative and integrative in the field. Dr Nimrod Sheinman is amongst the mindbody medice pioneers in Israel and one of the world's experts in the field of mindfulness in education.

 Some of the topics we'll discuss:

-        How life stories injure and heal us simultaneously

-        The healing power in the place where body and mind meet

-        Current important models in mindbody medicine

-        Mindfulness and Buddhist psychology in individual healing

-        How to find hidden meaning and messages in symptoms

-        Pearls of therapy and healing –  from a life long experience of two mindbody medicine pioneers

March 9, 2018
9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Ramat Hasharon