NUNM Health-Biz Expo - Warming Up the Heart: The Healing Power of Mindfulness & Compassion


I am delighted to present the closing talk at the NUNM Health-Biz Expo in Portland, OR on October 6, 2018.

As winter approaches, we’re entering the busy holiday season. As the saying goes, “tis the season to be jolly.”  Sometimes, however, our stresses and challenges can get in the way of enjoying all that the season has to offer. 

The truth is, we all have within us, all that we need to face our lives with resilience and strength.  By tapping into those inner resources, we can face difficulties, including pain, stress and illness, and use them as opportunities for deeper peace, health and happiness. 

Through the practices of mindfulness and compassion, we can learn to tap into that inner reservoir of strength, and cultivate the resilience and gratitude that will help us embrace our lives more fully and embark on an endless journey of transformation and healing.

Together we will experience the practices of mindfulness and compassion, explore the science of neuroplasticity, and come to understand the concept of mind as healer, mind as slayer so that we can empower ourselves to make the most of the coming winter… and beyond.

October 6, 2018
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Portland, OR
This event is appropriate for healing professionals.