Who I Coach


Naturopaths, who may have the inclination towards a holistic approach to health and healing, have usually not been exposed to this approach to Integrative Medicine because it is not yet part of the curriculum at most Naturopathic schools.

Medical Doctors

I work with Medical Doctors, who in their fields of expertise do wonderful work with the physical body while practicing their specialties, to help them learn to integrate a patient’s mind and emotions into the overall healing picture.


Nutritionists can benefit from mentoring in this area, as they too need to understand how the emotions and the mind-body connection relate to issues of food, nutrition and diet. An Integrative approach includes not only knowing the specific diet recommendations that will assist their client in becoming healthier, but also working to address the mind-body and issues on the personal level that will provide the opportunity for more sustainable results and deeper healing. This is especially true for clients of nutritionists who desire to lose weight.


I work with psychotherapists, who need to integrate and balance their work with the mind and emotions to integrate the body, which is not often taught in psychotherapy school. To learn the mind-body therapies of mindfulness, presence and imagery. More importantly learn how to work with the pains and illness and bodies, wounds and stresses of their clients and integrate it with their psychotherapy.

Healing Professionals in any Healing Field

The concepts that I teach would be of use to anyone in a healing profession.  Enriching one’s knowledge and putting more tools in one’s tool kit is always going to result better practice.

Students of the Healing Professions

Learning these important concepts and techniques while you are still a student is an excellent professional and personal choice. If you take the initiative to augment your own education with an integrative approach, you will launch your career with an expanded definition of the holistic integrative approach to your field of expertise.  You have the opportunity to begin your career with knowledge that others only gain from years of experience, and sometimes never acquire!