Years of Insight

My sincerest thanks to you for bringing your years of insight and expertise to my church family.  Your message really touched them and I could tell by their strict attention and attendance to the end that you were truly speaking to each one of them.

One parishioner, an elderly, no-nonsense, difficult-to-please, amazingly talented and generous woman approached me after your presentation with these words, "Who needs a priest when you have the likes of him: how inspiring!"  A rave review, to say the least.

Several parishioners asked if your talks at the Westport Senior Center were open to the public or only to Westport residents.

Very interested in having you return to St. Paul's, perhaps a workshop or series. There is much work to be done.

It's so uplifting to witness someone doing what they were born to do: you have discerned God's plan for you and your enthusiasm and sincerity are palpable.

Mary Ellen
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Fairfield, CT