Empowered Healing: The Self Healing Journey

Disease tells a story, not just about 'our cells' and a diagnosis but about 'ourselves' and our lives . . . about stress and the mind-body connection. Listening to this story, we are led to the truth of what happened to us and the emotions that lie at the core of our authentic being. Healing happens when we embark on a journey to our true and authentic self. Healing vs. Curing and how to integrate both.
all sickness is home sickness, and all healing is self healing, the journey home to your true self.

Facing and healing the dis-eases of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We will explore and live the questions:

    • How can we deepen a healing presence within ourselves?
    • How can we mindfully and heartfully open to our stresses, difficult mental states, childhood wounds and life stories?
    • How can we use our healing journey and pain as an opportunity and vehicle to deepen and enhance our spiritual path?
    • How can we be with and relate to our pain, difficulties, health issues and symptoms in a way that is wise, compassionate and healing?

The classes will include periods of silent practice, lecture, instruction, discussion, Q&A and guided meditation.  We will explore and integrate therapeutic and spiritual perspectives on healing through teachings and practices that connect us with and consciously engage the authentic self, awakening qualities and ways of being that lead into the heart of healing.

Since mind, body, heart, and soul are indissoluble, a change in one is a change in all. In the spirit of inquiry, discovery, and beginner's mind, we will listen within to find the meaning, message, and opportunity of life's challenges and explore how biography becomes biology. We will work with the mind-body-spirit connection through clinical guided imagery and the principles of Internal Family Systems.

Through mindfulness (insight) meditation practice and Buddhist teachings, we will

    • Cultivate unconditional presence and wisdom 
    • Awaken the noble heart of compassion 
    • Learn to be fully present with and accepting of with all parts of ourselves. 

In the process, we will open to our heart wounds, our pain, and our suffering and directly experience how it is possible to free ourselves from our burdens, while awakening to inner peace, happiness, and joy.

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