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NY Insight Meditation Center via ZOOM - The Healing Journey Meets the Spiritual Path

I am pleased to be returning to New York Insight Meditation Center via ZOOM to present an evening workshop, "The Healing Journey Meets the Spiritual Path" on April 13, 2022, 7-9pm ET.

Free Weekly Zoom Class - Finding Peace in the Storm

The COVID-19 virus has sadly persisted and we are now, unfortunately, witnessing new spikes around the nation. Issues effecting the economy and jobs continue. Efforts to re-open, whatever the phase, are challenging and confusing. On top of all this, the protests against racial injustice have exploded onto the national scene, and the coming contentious election season is upon us... Bottom line:  There is a lot going on! Every aspect of our daily lives have been disrupted by COVID-19. Many people are feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

Mindfulness Meditation - ONLINE

You've read about it in magazines, you've seen it discussed on early morning talk shows, but what is mindfulness meditation? Join Dr. Paul Epstein and discover this simple and effective method for reducing stress, increasing self-awareness, and learning to be present. Anyone can do mindfulness practice; it doesn't matter how old you are, what your physical ability is, or whether you're a Type A or a Type Z.


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