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Empower Healing From Within

What is mind-body counseling?

How do you empower and support healing from within?

How do you transform stress, pain and illness into a journey of self-healing?

Meet Dr. Paul Epstein, who will now have office hours at Kure Spa & Wellness Center. In this talk, Dr. Epstein will explore these questions, and provide you with tools and techniques that you can utilize to help you reduce the negative impact of stress and enhance your well-being. He is also an author, world-wide speaker and founder of the Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Introduction to Mind-Body Medicine

Our diseases tell a story, not just about our cells, but about ourselves and our personal histories.  Discover how our biography becomes our biology.  Learn how to listen for symptoms and inner wisdom using mind-body therapies of guided imagery, meditation and psychotherapy to discover the message and meaning hidden inside pain and symptoms. 

This course will explore the healing of trauma, stress & lifestye related conditions and chronic diseases with mind-body medicine and self healing.

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Young

This course will explore how to keep your brain healthy and young, while cultivating peace of mind, happiness, health and longevity.

Meditation as Medication

Mindfulness, Stress, Healing and Happiness.  The best of times is now, as you face life's challenges and experience life's joys!  Studies show that 80% of visits are for stress related complaints.  Our disease tells a story, not just of our cells, but of ourselves.  Through discussion, sharing, group support and learning the mind-body skills of meditation, relaxation stress reduction and attitudinal healing perspectives, this interactive class will help you focus on learning how to  face stress, pain and illness and live life in the present moment and find joy, peace, happiness and serenity

The Healing Power of Mindfulness Meditation

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, "Up to 80% of visits to the family doctor are for stress related complaints." 

Studies show that "mindfulness meditation" is a powerful and effective therapeutic tool in reducing stress and maintaining mind-body health. Find your path to inner peace and serenity, learn to build resiliency and connect with your true source of inner strength, health and well-being.

Beyond Dieting: Why Diets Alone Don’t Work & What Does

Dr. Paul Epstein offers a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management conecerns, and explains how and why diets don’t work and what does.

There is no one program, magic cure, quick fix, or instant results that works for everyone. Through a whole person individualized approach, you can learn to stop the addiction and pattern of yo-yo dieting, losing and gaining it all back, as you choose to heal your relationship with your self and your body.


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