The Healing Equation

Healing can be regarded as an equation. On one side of the equation are the forces that may generate or contribute to an illness. On the other side are the external resources of medical science together with the body's internal healing abilities. Natural medicine has developed various modalities as to how to enhance the ‘healing from within’, be it through nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, fasting, herbs, touch or homeopathic remedies. Mind–body medicine1,2,3 is now expanding the picture of what true holistic medicine can be like: incorporating patients' emotions, images, thoughts, awareness and belief as powerful agents in the healing process.

In this mind-body integrative medicine lecture and experiential workshop presentation we will explore the deeper meanings, messages and opportunities of pain, stress and illness. We will discuss the mind-body connection and the role of attitudes, beliefs, stresses and emotions in the healing process. How biography becomes biology and the body bears the burden. Through lecture, discussion, writings, drawings, guided imagery and mindfulness meditation you will learn to listen to your symptoms and inner wisdom and live the question of how to face and be with whatever arises in a way that is wise, compassionate and healing.