How Biography Becomes Biology

Healing and the Mind-Body Connection

Our disease tells a story, not just of our cells, but of our selves. By taking the risk of listening, we may be led to the emotions, both positive and negative, that lie at the core of our authentic being. This workshop will focus on the importance of integrating the mind-body connection in health care, healing and treating disease, and how to listen to the meaning, message and opportunity of illness. We will explore how our life history, childhood wounds, traumas and stresses affect our health and how the body bears the burden.

If you don't know your history, are you doomed to repeat it?  How Have I Come To Be Like This?

All sickness is home sickness.  All healing is self-healing.  Discover how healing happens when we embark on a journey home to our true self.

The presentation will include lecture, discussion and experiential exercises of guided imagery and meditation.

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