Stress and the Mind-Body Connection

This course provides therapeutic support for people with stress-related disorders.  Learn how to move from the "Stress Response" to the "Healing Response." 

According to a study of the American Academy of Family Physicians, 80% of visits to the family doctor are for stress related complaints.

This practical and experiential workshop will focus on treating stress related disorders within naturopathic care by integrating and addressing the underlying cause ... stress. We'll discuss the basics of stress in health and disease and the sources, effects, coping strategies and evidence based mind-body skills and tools for self regulation, healing and healthy living.

While managing and reducing stress is an important therapeutic goal, we'll also explore moving beyond stress reduction alone to focus on transforming and healing the stress at its source.

We'll discuss PTSD and the effects of childhood and life trauma leading to stress and unhealthy lifestyles and stress related disorders,and the importance of mind-body psychotherapy and lifestyle counseling.

We'll review a study (ACE Adverse Childhood Experiences) showing childhood trauma is a precursor and predictor of chronic disease later in life and discuss how to integrate, "how biography becomes biology" as a component of treatment.

The workshop experience will emphasize mindfulness based practices and teachings, as well as exercises of breathing, relaxation, narrative medicine, guided imagery, yoga, journaling, perspective, cognitive restructuring and how to develop emotional resilience. Studies on mindfulness practice show its health enhancing benefits in treating people with a wide range of common stress related conditions and health concerns such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight, chronic pain syndromes, IBS, PTSD, high BP, immune disorders, skin disorders, fatigue, eating disorders and generalized chronic stress exacerbating all clinical conditions, illness and symptoms.

Facing, managing, reducing and healing stress is an essential component of naturopathic care.