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This event is appropriate for healing professionals.

Mindfulness for Fertility

Health Masters Live
9 Module Online Webinar Series

Not being able to conceive, or carry a baby to term is devastating for a couple trying to build a family. 

The Natural Fertility Masterclass will give you clear direction on how to best help your couples become pregnant, and carry a healthy baby to a healthy birth.

How Biography Becomes Biology

The Connecticut Naturopathic Physicians Association (CNPA) is holding their 9th Annual CNPA Conference in Hartford, CT.  Dr. Epstein is one of the selected speakers for this conference.

The title of his presentation is: How Biography Becomes Biology: Childhood Trauma and Adult Disease

Clinical Applications of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Clinical Applications of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity to Pain, Trauma and other Mind-Body Syndromes

Transforming the Personal and Professional Stresses of Medical Practice

As we learn to face and heal our stress and pain more effectively, we can and will better support our patients to face and heal theirs. We'll discuss and share the challenges, difficulties and opportunities inherent in being present with another human being who is experiencing pain and distress, our desire and effort to be of service, and the importance of being present with ourselves and our own pain.

The Healing Equation

Healing can be regarded as an equation. On one side of the equation are the forces that may generate or contribute to an illness. On the other side are the external resources of medical science together with the body's internal healing abilities. Natural medicine has developed various modalities as to how to enhance the ‘healing from within’, be it through nutrition, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, fasting, herbs, touch or homeopathic remedies.


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